Philanthropy: Fun, Easy, and Motivating

By: Meredith
Meredith is participating in Allowance for Good's spring 2014 Emerging Leaders in Philanthropy: Explorers program.

I have always enjoyed helping people and having that feeling of accomplishment after. That feeling always makes me feel like a better person. To help someone I don’t have to save a person from tragic accident, I just have to do a simple act of good.

Part of what motivates me to be a philanthropist/young catalyst for good is after helping someone they get this joyful and satisfied look on their face. That makes me feel very happy with myself and what I had just done. The way people feel when I help them is the motivation I get to be a philanthropist, but I also find helping people and being a young catalyst fun. When I am given a goal that I must reach and I like to do what I have to do, it makes good memories and is very fun. Many people may think that helping people is hard, but with help from some adults, I have found that being a philanthropist and helping people is very easy.

After the first Sunday class I had I went home and talked about philanthropy with my mom. She had explained to me that I actually have done a lot of philanthropy in my life, without knowing it. During Christmas time, my family and a bunch of other families come together and wrap up presents for people that maybe can’t afford presents or need care packages to help them live easier. Also, I am a swimmer at the YWCA and had been offered to teach swimming lessons to little kids on days that I don’t have school or on the weekends. I wouldn’t get paid, but I did it anyway. I get to help out the teachers and I get to teach kids how to swim. Not only does it benefits the kids, but it helps me become a better swimmer and for in the future, a better teacher.

In the future I hope that I take charge and do good for the world. I don’t have to be a genesis that comes up with a new way to make everyone’s life easier. But, by doing little everyday things and some big projects here and there I can change the world to be just a little bit of a better place.