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Empower all youth through the tools of philanthropy to take meaningful action in their world.


We envision a world with engaged youth, inclusive participation, and vibrant communities.


We launched our first program in 2012 to inspire youth to understand their philanthropic portfolio (time, talent, ties, or treasure) and see how giving can enrich their communities and their world. We teach rising generations that they have the power to help others and effect change no matter their interests, experiences, or future goals. Through hands-on learning and guidance, we equip participants with the skills they need to make a positive difference in our world. Allow Good reaches youth of all socioeconomic backgrounds and demonstrates that participating as a global citizen is not bound by income, race, or culture.

Youth who participate in our programs:

  • gain knowledge on community assets and challenges and the skills to effect change in their communities;
  • take collective action during class by directing donor-funded grants to community organizations or by implementing community awareness projects; and
  • take independent action to engage in their communities following class completion.

Ultimately, youth share their time, talent, and ties with social purpose organizations that matter most to them. Their involvement broadens the representation of community members addressing community challenges and disparities and, as a result over the long-term, communities become more vibrant and resourceful.  



We believe anyone can use time, talent, treasure, and ties for social good.


We believe youth can act to challenge the status quo and positively impact their communities.


We believe that philanthropy should be accessible to youth from all backgrounds.


We believe in the power of expanding youth networks to benefit youth now and throughout their lives.


We believe in creating inviting spaces that value all voices, perspectives, and ideas.


We believe that being nimble and bold is essential for organizational growth and program integrity.