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Empower all youth through the tools of philanthropy to take meaningful action in their world.


We envision a world with engaged youth, inclusive participation, and vibrant communities.


Elizabeth Newton, a dynamic leader, global explorer, and devoted humanitarian, founded Allow Good in 2010 to inspire youth to understand their philanthropic portfolio (time, talent, ties, or treasure) and see how giving can enrich their communities and their world. We have come a long way - our first Global Philanthropy Summit gathered a passionate group of 19 students to learn about philanthropy and global nonprofits in the summer of 2012. We traveled together from Chicago schools to Nicaraguan villages - and to many communities in between - sharing the ways in which philanthropy can be a tool to ignite change. We expanded our programs and reach, and transitioned from the after school space to an innovative, near-peer, semester-long program in more than 30 public school classrooms across Chicagoland.

In the 2017-18 academic year, we worked alongside more than 800 youth over 7,500 learning hours, equipping teens in Chicagoland and beyond with the belief that their voices matter as we seek to improve the lives of individuals, the health of our communities, and our respective connections beyond borders. Allow Good youth care about a variety of issues - immigrant and refugee services, human services, and youth development - and, with our help, Chicagoland youth granted more than $50,000 to organizations working on these community issues.

As we move into a new organizational stage, we hope that you will continue to champion a world with engaged youth, inclusive participation, and vibrant communities by investing your time, talents, treasures, and ties to create change in your community - whether that be in your home, school, place of work, community, or around the globe. Our collective strength is determined by our willingness to walk humbly, listen intently, and act with conviction for all that is right and true.

May our common humanity remain the grace that binds us. For it is this underlying spirit that invites young minds to be agents of change, cultivating generative conversations and actions for good.



We believe anyone can use time, talent, treasure, and ties for social good.


We believe youth can act to challenge the status quo and positively impact their communities.


We believe that philanthropy should be accessible to youth from all backgrounds.


We believe in the power of expanding youth networks to benefit youth now and throughout their lives.


We believe in creating inviting spaces that value all voices, perspectives, and ideas.


We believe that being nimble and bold is essential for organizational growth and program integrity.