ELP: Explorers Highlights

By: Mary
Mary participated in Allowance for Good's winter 2014 Emerging Leaders in Philanthropy: Explorers program.

My favorite part about ELP was the speakers and learning from them. We got to see what exactly these philanthropists are doing to make the World a better place. Speakers like Sharmila, Bruce, and Charles showed us how their foundation(s) are making the world a better place. Before ELP, I was confused on how foundations obtained their funds. I thought that small foundations only ran on individual donors, and that puzzled me. I was informed that foundations get funds from large family and corporate foundations. I had many questions for Sharmila on how a family corporation is run and what the difficulties are while being on the board of a family foundation. With Bruce, I learned about how the smallest things can affect a developing community. I liked to see his personal pictures of The Adonai Child Development Centre. I was delighted to see how he was making a difference in that community and making an effort to do the most good. Finally, I was fascinated by Charles' foundation. I would never have thought that having a bicycle would make such a big difference to children in developing countries. It made me think more about how to help people in non-conventional ways. 

I will continue to be a young catalyst and philanthropist through travel. It's one of my passions. My ultimate goal as a philanthropist is to see others getting better. I want to go where I've already sent help through money or goods. I want to see an improvement and settle difficulties in an area. I want to talk to the people that I helped. In the future, I want to learn more about micro-loans and organizations like Kiva. I think its very conventional and a gift that can be re-used and sent to many people who need the money. I want to become a donor in the future and watch my money go to people who will profit the most from it. 
Mary, right, listens intently as Charles Coustan presents about his organization, World Bicycle Relief.