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To impact,
Elizabeth Newton
Founder of Allow Good


Since our founding in 2012, Allow Good set out to empower all youth through the tools of philanthropy to take meaningful action in their world. We have expanded, diversified, and modified our programs to better equip rising generations to effect change in their communities. We are honored to have worked with more than 2,400 youth to lift up their voices and support their efforts to create the change they wish to see in their neighborhoods, cities, and world. 

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School-Based Program

In its second year, our School-Based Program expanded and awarded $21,5000 in public school student-directed grants. College students facilitate the 12-week curriculum to engage students in civic engagement through collective philanthropic action. Over the course of the semester, students explored their local community and its social challenges, philanthropic theory, organizational evaluation, and grantmaking processes. Exciting new developments to our programs include Allow Good in Action field trips to past grantee organizations, a Teacher-Let pilot, and expansion into 7th and 8th grade classrooms.


Custom Programs

Allow Good partners with organizations and schools who are committed to advancing the philanthropic education of their youth. Through our curricular offerings, we offer organizations such as foundations, nonprofits, and schools the opportunity to tailor our suite of programs to enhance their existing academic offerings. Programs are specially designed to engage youth in topics ranging from philanthropy basics to impact-based grantmaking to support foundation values and family goals.

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***Placeholder **** TOTAL Income $144,695, TOTAL Operating Expenses $143,251 || NET Income $1,445