2017-2018 Year In Review

I worked in fundraising a long time, a very long time, like over 20 years, and what’s exciting for me is to see young people like you getting involved in philanthropy and really worrying about the impact that it has and how it really changes people’s lives.
— Heidi Bloom,  Manager of Foundation Relations and Donor Communications - The Cradle

It is finally summer! A time to celebrate the accomplishments of our students during the school year and begin planning for the upcoming year of greater impact, adapted curriculum and some new faces! Our team and grantee organizations are inspired by the active participation, critical questions, and thoughtful deliberations, had by the School-Based program students this year.

This year was the biggest yet -- Allow Good facilitated more than $21,500 in grants across 13 different organizations in the Chicagoland area! We launched 2 new partnerships with Gale Community Academy and Whitney Young Magnet High School. And we collaborated to pilot a Teacher-Led model with Belding Elementary, Intrinsic Schools, and McHenry Community High School.