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Our school-based work is now a project of laaf!

We are excited to announce that Allow Good’s school-based work will now be delivered through and amplified by longtime friend, Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen Foundation (LAAF). Effective Fall 2018, LAAF will operate Allow Good’s philanthropy and civic engagement curriculum.

About Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen Foundation (LAAF)

LAAF, established in 2014, seeks to offer a platform for engaged philanthropic learning and practice. Their mission is "to inspire, educate and empower people to give in a way that matters more." Mission alignment has been a critical component as we consider our organizational future. Our shared interest in philanthropy education and desire to cultivate the next generation of givers makes for a partnership founded on joint vision and values.

What does this mean for our friends and future partners?

Our mission to empower youth through the tools of philanthropy to take meaningful action in their world will live on through our LAAF partnership. Allow Good will continue to operate a few custom programs as an independent 501(c)3, but the majority of our youth engagement work will continue through LAAF.

We look forward to seeing the ripples that our curriculum will continue to make in Chicago and beyond. LAAF’s platform will allow educators from across the country to access the Allow Good curriculum at no cost. Our LAAF partnership will significantly amplify the potential of Allow Good’s reach, springboarding us into new communities, new lives, and new opportunities. Educators can download the free curriculum at LAAF.

Student-Directed Grant Recipients

Since 2016, our school-based program has facilitated more than $46,000 to community organizations as an outcome of our student-led grant process*. Take a look at some of the organizations that have been chosen as grantees by our young changemakers.

* All student-directed grants are now supported by LAAF. Unsolicited requests are not accepted.