Our Curriculum

Our school-based program features a 15-week curriculum that provides students with an opportunity to provide a grant to a local nonprofit of their choice. Students research the nonprofit organization, contact them, and hold them accountable. 

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Lesson 1

Introduction to Philanthropy

Students are introduced to the Allow Good curriculum and begin to learn basic knowledge about philanthropy. Students participate in a variety of activities and become aware of the difference between charity and philanthropy. 


Lesson 2

Social and Philanthropy Identities

Students explore the importance of personal identity and discuss nine identities as a group. They spend time reflecting on their own salient identities and considerthe ways that their personal identities influence their philanthropic passions. 


Lesson 3

Community History

Students learn the importance of community history by looking at their own communities (like Evanston, Illinois). The group learns about the evolution of their own communities, and consider the techniques that community leaders can use to ensure that all citizen voices are heard when community decisions are made.  


Lesson 4

Community Social Issues

Students explore categories of social issues such as well-being, youth development, and basic needs. They decide on what is important to them, and consider ways that communities can address multiple social issues. 


Lesson 5

Global Social Issues



Lesson 6

Types of Philanthropy



Lesson 7

Limitations of Philanthropy



Lesson 8

Asset Based Community Development



Lesson 9

How to Evaluate Nonprofits



Lesson 10

Research and Presentation Creation



Lesson 11

Student Presentations



Lesson 12

Nonprofit Presentation Day



Lesson 13

Grant Award Decision



lesson 14

Civic Engagement Opportunities  



Lesson 15

Final Ceremony Prep