Launch a Collegiate Chapter

Interested in bringing Allow Good's school-based program to your community?

We are looking for enthusiastic college students who are interested in starting new chapters. Starting a chapter can be initiated by a college student leader or college administrator. In each community, a partnership is created between the local college or university and high schools. Once college student volunteers are recruited, Allow Good provides training, program materials, and support to establish the new chapter. These are the benefits of launching an Allow Good chapter:


Allow Good headquarters maintains a database to track college volunteers, program tools, and communication with high school administrators. The main office completes all of the necessary processes to maintain our status as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and maintains finances for the entire organization.


Allow Good headquarters creates and organizes trainings for college student volunteers, provides tools to manage the program on campus, participates in planning and team-building sessions, and offers curriculum training.


By joining the Allow Good collegiate network, you can connect to other college student volunteers who are doing similar work. Headquarters will facilitate campus collaboration through an annual meetup of Allow Good chapter members.


Allow Good staff members provide ongoing support to college chapter leaders to ensure successful, effective, and sustainable programming at each chapter.

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If you are interested in starting a chapter please know:

  • It takes approximately 6 months from the initial point of contact to launch a chapter
  • There are fundraising expectations of each chapter to make this program possible
  • Chapter start-ups require a committed team: a small group of dedicated college students, college administrative support, a partner high school, and transportation capabilities in the community
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