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Our semester-long program takes high school youth through lessons in civic engagement, community histories, and the philanthropic grantmaking process. Students explore and research local community challenges, narrowing to a single topic of their choosing. The course culminates with each class directing a $1,000 grant to a community organization that they have evaluated.

Table of Contents

Lesson 1 // Introduction to Philanthropy

Lesson 2 // Social and Philanthropic Identities

Lesson 3 // Community History

Lesson 4 // Community Social Issues

Lesson 5 // Global Social Issues

Lesson 6 // Types of Philanthropy

Lesson 7 // Limitations of Philanthropy

Lesson 8 // Asset Based Community Development

Lesson 9 // How to Evaluate Nonprofit Organizations

Lesson 10 // Research and Presentation Creation

Lesson 11 // Student Presentations

Lesson 12 // Nonprofit Presentation Day

Lesson 13 // Grant Award Decision

Lesson 14 // Civic Engagement Opportunities

Lesson 15 // Final Ceremony Prep

Lesson 16 // Final Award Ceremony

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